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A clean dog is a happy dog

Full Groom
From £38.00
Dog Grooming

Includes 2 bath washes, Blow dry and brush, Clipping, Scissoring or hand stripping. Ears cleaned, Nails trimmed, Perfume/Cologne spray.

Puppy Groom
From £25,00
A Puppy Playing with a Toy

Includes 2 bath washes, Blow dry and brush, scissor trim around face, paws and sanitary areas. Nails trimmed, Perfume/Cologne spray.

Hand Strip
From £60.00
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Includes 2 bath washes, Blow dry and hand stripped, Nails trimmed, Perfume/Cologne spray.

Mini Groom
Happy Dog
Dental Care
Banana Facial
From £20.00

Includes 2 bath washes, Blow dry and a brush, Perfume/Cologne spray.  This option is great for in between full grooms to maintain your fur babies coat or for those fur babies who like to get muddy on their adventures every day.

From £15.00

With the emmi®-pet is now also the first ultrasonic toothbrush for animals available, which cleans the teeth of dogs thoroughly and motionless. Because the electric toothbrush works completely noiselessly, the toothbrush is also suitable for dogs refusing to care for teeth with a conventional model. Sonic tooth cleaning helps to effectively prevent gingivitis, periodontitis and calculus, mouth odor and tooth loss.

From £5.00

"A magical 2-in-1 face scrub and pH balanced treatment that gently removes dirt and stubborn discolorations. This mild formula is kind to your dog’s skin and coat with a vegan alternative to Keratin and botanical extracts to promote healthy hair growth. Smells just like bananas for the ultimate sensory pamper for your dog!"

From £15.00

All-seasons skin, nose & paw balms with added sun protection protects soft pads on ice as well as on salted and hot pavements.  Protects the nose and outer ears from UVA & UVB rays. Includes nail clip & file.

From £5.00

Transporting our pets isn't always easy, not everyone drives, not everyone wants their car covered in pet hair and taxi companies aren't always keen to help which makes Pet Taxi service very popular.  We know that your pets are a very special part of your family, and we treat them that way; with respect, love, and care.